ETH Zurich - ISMANAM 2010 - Program - Plenary/Keynote talks

Plenary/Keynote talks

Plenary talks

Takeshi Egami
Mechanical Failure and Glass Transition in Metallic Glasses
Richard R. Ernst
Academic Responsibility and our Global Future
A. Lindsay Greer
Brittleness and Plasticity of Metallic Glasses
Akihisa Inoue
Recent Development of Zr- and Ti-Based Bulk Glassy Alloys With and Without Ni Element
William L. Johnson
Processing of Metallic Glasses in Millisecond Timescale
Kenneth F. Kelton
Coupled Nucleation Processes in Metallic Liquids and Glasses
En Ma
Local Structures and Polyamorphism in Metallic Glasses and Chalcogenide Phase-Change Glasses
Dierk Raabe
On Possible Atomic Scale Mechanisms of Mechanically Driven Alloying at Heterophase Interfaces in Composites Exposed to Extreme Co-Deformation or Tribological Contact
Konrad Samwer
Relaxation Modes and Variation of Elastic Modulus in Bulk Metallic Glasses Measured by Mechanical Spectroscopy
David A. Weitz
Colloids as Models for Crystals and Glasses
Matthias Wuttig
Phase Change Materials: A Challenge for Our Understanding of the Amorphous and Crystalline State

Keynote talks

Peter Derlet
Atomistic Simulations of Model Bulk Metallic Glasses
Jürgen Eckert
Plasticity Enhancement in Bulk Metallic Glasses
Franz Faupel
Dynamic Arrest in Multicomponent Glass Forming Alloys
Dan Miracle
Partial Coordination Numbers in Solute-Rich Glasses
John H. Perepezko
Nucleation Kinetics during Nanostructure Synthesis
Reinhard Pippan
Limitation in Structural Refinement by SPD
Jan Schroers
Bulk Metallic Glasses Form Like Plastics
Ludwig Schultz
Surface and Interface Phenomena in Metallic Nanomagnets
Gerhard Wilde
Plasticity and Grain Boundary Diffusion at Small Grain Sizes
Alain Reza Yavari
When Resilience is Not Enough to Break Metallic Glasses

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